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Jessica Miller works as a cops and crime reporter at the Standard-Examiner. A self-proclaimed ‘word nerd,’ she generally loves most everything to do with the written word, whether it’s reading, writing, or anything else.

When not reporting about criminals and other crime-related endeavors, she loves spending her free time hiking with her newly-acquired puppy and fixing up the house with her newly-acquired husband.

Jessica met her husband, Kelly, when she was 18 and heading to college at Weber State University. Years of dating ensued, and they were married in October 2009.

Other hobbies include making jewelry, experimenting with cooking and brewing beer at home, and bugging her husband when he is trying to study for nursing school.

Recent posts

Saying your goodbyes

Goodbyes are awkward. They are unavoidable and uncomfortable, but you’ll definitely feel like an asshole if you don’t do it. I know I have probably left a not-so-great impression on old co-workers and friends because I know I have once or twice ditched out on a goodbye or two. It’s not the regular goodbyes of “See you next week” or whatnot; it is the “I will probably never see you again and this is our final goodbye” type. This blog post is that awkward... Read more.

If these walls could talk!

One of the best and worst things about owning an 80-year-old home is that it has a whole lot of history behind it. It’s the best when you think about all of the people who lived and cared for this haven that you now clean and care for. But when you are scraping off 80 years of painted porches (5 different colors have been discovered) or ripping through bathroom walls inches thick of tiles laid on top of tiles on top of wallpaper, that’s when history is not so fun. One of the things... Read more.

Dogs are way better than children

Every time my insides quiver and I contemplate how cool it would be to possibly have a baby, I am snapped out of it quickly by my little 3-year-old nephew. Don’t get me wrong, I adore this kid to no end. He’s cute, he loves me, he says “ra-too” instead of tattoo and cried because he felt bad when he hit my head with a door. He is basically the cutest kid ever. But that adorableness stops when you have been driving with this child for about three or four hours and he... Read more.

I heart Ogden.

With the husband a recent nursing school graduate, and life in its usual uproar when such life-altering events have occurred,  decisions are at hand to be made. On several occasions, we have been pointed to the question of, “Are you going to move?” No, no miracle job has pulled us from the wrath of poverty and unemployed-ness, don’t you worry. What would I blog about otherwise, c’mon? But, as life continues to evolve, and job opportunities in other areas pop up (mostly... Read more.
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