I take back everything I said about sewing

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Remember that last blog I wrote about my awesomeness with sewing?

I take it all back. Every last word. I am not good at sewing. I am not a real girl.

After my successful sewing of the yoga-mat bag (refer to previous post if you have no idea what I’m talking about), I began noticing everything around my life that I could possibly sew — patio chair cushions, fashion, curtains — you name it, I’ve probably mulled over in my brain over the last week whether I could sew it without wanting to kill myself first.

So, for my next stab at sewing, I embarked on a ruffled scarf. Looked easy, sounded simple.

But I’ve failed so far. My downfall? You guessed it. LACK OF ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

The fabric chosen for this venture was not a stiff cotton, like the previous sewing endeavor. It was an airy cotton that I bought on clearance at Walmart. (For only $1.50 a yard! I wanted to hug Walmart when I found three different patterns I loved. But only a side hug, because I hate most everything about Walmart.)

Airy cotton is cool for a finished scarf; however, it is not so fun to try to iron or sew. My little sewing project turned into a big ball of frustration and thread and stupid ruffles all in the course of about an hour.

My first failure was not ironing my fabric before cutting. (Yeah, goes back to that whole detail thing.) This pretty much set the whole project up for disaster once my mom and I realized that one end of the scarf was a quarter-inch wider than it was supposed to be because the ends were never completely lined up to begin with.

And then there is the making of the finished edges. Fold something a quarter inch, then another quarter inch, then iron that, pin it, sew it, unpin it, sew the other sides, and it goes on and on and on.

And where is this ruffled scarf today? Sitting in pieces still, in my parent’s basement. I have shot looks of hate at the pieces of fabric every time I pass them.

But I will finish that damn scarf. I will. If for no other reason than to prove to myself that I can learn to pay attention to the small stuff. And, of course, that I can clean up after my own detail-lacking messes.


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