Man, I love college.

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I can’t believe it. After five(!!) long years, my man will finally have his nursing degree, and will be graduating this Friday.

It’s crazy to think that my husband has been in school at Weber State literally our entire relationship. We signed up for classes together (awwww) the summer before my freshman year in ’06 when we had first begun dating, and spent our whole relationship supporting one another in our journey through higher education. We took a class together once (bad idea), we encouraged each other while I went insane running the student newspaper, and he had a rocky start in the nursing program, and we spent late nights helping each other study. (Which most often consisted of me helping him for 10 minutes, until I got frustrated that I couldn’t pronounce the medical terms he was supposed to learn.)

But now it is all about to pay off. I get to watch my husband graduate, purple robe and everything.

So how do we celebrate such an occasion?

By signing up for more college. Yes, I realized yesterday after Kelly opened his acceptance letter to the bachelor’s accelerated nursing program that we must be bat-shit crazy.

I am starting graduate school in a few weeks at WSU. When he told me the good news about his acceptance, I mustered up my best smile on the outside, while on the inside I was screaming. And panicked. How are we going to afford two people’s tuition? Will I ever see my husband over the next two years? Will all this extra education even pay off?

My fear and uncertainty was not well-masked, because I am most certain my husband saw through the facade of excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I am so proud of my husband. I know how difficult nursing school is to get into.

But, the fear is still unsettling until all those questions get answered.

For now, though, I am trying not to focus on the fall semester. After this week, I will be allowed to freak out and pursue whatever kind of methods necessary to help cover the cost of education. But for this week, I will just be proud of my husband’s accomplishments.

(And looking forward to those nursing job paychecks.)


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