A plea to the karma/car gods

A blog by Jessica Schreifels Miller for HersUtah.com
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They say karma’s a bitch.

I must have done some pretty terrible deeds in life, because that whole karma thing is sure backfiring on me.

I go to church! I’m nice to strangers! I pay my bills on time! I give change to homeless people when I have it, and donate clothes to the needy!

Yet, all of these stupid things keep happening.

First, I got in a car accident. That is unfortunate in and of itself. Realized I don’t have the policy that gives you a rental car in the event of an accident. Curse my thrifty self! Which that is also unfortunate, but entirely my fault.

The other driver’s insurance company finds me 20 percent at fault for the accident. How, I don’t know, but was it worth fighting the $100 payment (20 percent of my deductible) to figure it out? Not really. I guess I should have realized the train was coming sooner and stopped slower and not had crappy tires.

So, into the repair shop my car goes. I find out the repair shop loans out vehicles for free (YAY!) and am promptly given a minivan. While it is humorous watching me try to maneuver such a large vehicle, I am at the very least grateful to have a car and stop the stress of “Ok, Husband. You have school at 10, I have a meeting at 10. I will take your car and pick you up at 9:30, then drop your car off at 2 and have Mom pick me up, etc, etc.”

Minivan completely dies while I am driving on the freeway. Fuel pump or something with the van breaks. I sit on the side of the road, stranded in someone else’s car, waiting for a tow truck. Receive a ride for the van and myself from nice tow truck man.

I am given a Honda Accord. It is old, doesn’t get prime gas mileage, but again, I am so grateful to have a vehicle. Especially a car.

Drive the Accord around for nearly two weeks while my car is receiving a facelift on the passenger side. Finally get my car back, and it looks as good as new. They even fixed my bumper that was hit in a parking lot several months ago, and all the glass is gone and it smells clean and not like wet dog like it had before.

Leave for Moab for a weekend. Come home. Battery is completely dead. I do not understand this, seeing as I am a woman with zero car knowledge. Husband and father-in-law jump the car, and I am happy as a clam and continue home, thinking for some reason my car will hold the charge and life will be just great.

Fast forward to this morning. Yes, 6 o’clock Monday morning, and I am in a terrible mood because my allergies are acting up, and my husband ate my Cliff bar that I asked him not to and was saving for a morning just as this. *grumble, grumble*

I attempt to start my car. Nothing. Completely dead.

So I grumpily wake up my Cliff-bar-eating husband and ask him for help. We push my car out of the driveway and move his car closer to mine. (Whose brilliant idea was it to park in front of his car anyways?! OK, it was mine.) Jump the car, and husband says drive it around for as long as possible before going to work. Not happening, considering I am already late.

And, now here I sit, literally stranded in the office of the Standard-Examiner. The car battery has died once more. I still don’t understand why it won’t hold a charge. Rather than be proactive about this, I sit and blog about it and eat honey nut Cheerios.

Are you there karma/car gods? It’s me, Jessica.

Can you give me a break?


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