When stupid life trumps cool stuff

A blog by Jessica Schreifels Miller for HersUtah.com
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The lesson my husband and I have learned recently: If you let a problem sit, it won’t fix itself.

More specifically: If you let a leaking water heater sit for a month in your basement, waiting for a miracle or magical money, it will soak your carpet in the adjoining room.

I understand this was a failure in the “responsible homeowner” category. But, options are slim when you are broke as a joke and aren’t too stoked about opening ridiculous lines of credit for a stupid water heater when you also have to take out thousands of dollars in school loans simultaneously.

But, after my dad caught wind of our dirty little secret (that our water heater was leaking and our solution had basically been to shut the door so we can’t see it), he insisted that we replace the water heater before it sprang a leak, ruined the carpet, drywall and everything in the adjacent room. Smart man. Plus, he came with the offer of charging his home improvement store credit card with zero interest for a year.

So, with financing by Dad determined, I had to own up to one little detail. I did have a little money tucked away in my purse. $110 to be exact. I tucked away the funds after a recent yard sale to put toward pouring a cement patio in our backyard.

The patio was a no-joke plan. We (and by we, I mean Kelly) have torn out half of our grass and broken up old pieces of cement to make way for a beautiful little patio for all of our summertime fun needs. This is a work in progress, merely waiting for a little more labor, some good weather and a couple more bucks to get the supplies.

But, instead, I put that money toward that dang water heater. (Which accounted for only about a third of cost!?) It pained me to unwrap the tightly folded bills and hand them over to my dad.

Yeah, yeah, that’s life. The lamest thing, though, is that when you replace other big-ticket items, it’s kind of cool. Like, your dishwasher goes out, but then you get a fancy new dishwasher. A water heater SUCKS. There is no shiny-new benefit to a water heater, except it’s smaller (who cares, it’s in a closet) and it doesn’t leak on the floor.

So, while that dumb water heater sits content and not leaking, I will spend this summer inviting friends and family over to hang out on my patch of dirt. I’m keeping things classy here.


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