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By Ann Hornaday (The Washington Post)

At the box office, the summer of 2012 may be about breaking records with movies about boys and their toys, but culturally, the season’s been all about the girls.

Beginning with “Snow White and the Huntsman,” continuing through “Brave” and with a dash of talk-worthy premium cable thrown in, girls seem to have taken over screens both large...

By Dru Willis (Scripps Howard News Service)

Singer-songwriter Lindsay Katt disagrees that major record labels are necessary to make it in music, so she struck out on her own from the get-go.

“Initially when I started out, I kind of had it in my head the way originally things got going: You write songs, people like them, you can perform them and maybe somebody will finance a record...

By Allison Stewart (Special to The Washington Post)

Country-singer-turned-folkie Mary Chapin Carpenter went through a serious illness, a divorce and the death of her father before making the wrenching catalogue of woes that is her 12th official album, “Ashes and Roses.”

Carpenter (whose 2007 pulmonary embolism was also a subject of her last release, the comparatively cheery “The Age of...

By Rohan Preston (Star Tribune (Minneapolis))

To hear Idina Menzel tell it, she is just a regular working mom who juggles family and job. It’s just that her workplace is bathed in spotlights and thunderous applause.

The Tony-winning star of “Wicked” and “Rent” and regular on TV’s “Glee” has been on a national tour to support an album that came out of a PBS special earlier this year...

By Leanne Italie (The Associated Press)



NEW YORK — Score one for girl power.

A 14-year-old Maine ballet dancer who led a crusade against altered photos in Seventeen magazine now has a promise from top editor Ann Shoket to leave body shapes alone, reserving Photoshop for the stray hair, clothing wrinkle, errant bra strap or zit.

And when...