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By Valerie Phillips (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Long before the “Doomsday Preppers” reality TV show, Utahns were into food storage.

But buckets of wheat and powdered milk aren’t very palatable on their own.

“We want to help people see that food storage can actually taste good,” said Karen Sunderland, of Roy, co-author of a new cookbook, “Feasting on Food Storage” (Cedar Fort, $...

By Valerie Phillips (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

The new champions of the Dutch oven world call themselves the “Half-Baked Hippies,” but on Saturday, their dishes were anything but half-baked.

David Grover and Jamie Boyle, of Murray, won the 2014 International Dutch Oven Society’s World Championship Cook-Off at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Sandy, which gave them $1,000 and...

By Stephanie Witt Sedgwick (Special to the Washington Post)

This Cuban-inspired dish uses a mix of fresh citrus juices to mimic the taste of a traditional sour orange ingredient. The combo gives the pork a tangy punch of flavor. Fresh orange segments are mixed in with the beans to add a citrus kick.

Orange slices are used as a base for each serving of pork, as well. That last step is worth the...

By Valerie Phillips (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Got flour?

The popularity of bread tends to rise and fall with the latest diet. When low-carb diets are “in,” bread is one of the bad guys.

But bread never goes completely out of style. After all, it’s considered the staff of life. When you’re making a sandwich, it’s the greatest things since sliced, well, you know what.


By Valerie Phillips (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

While watching some of Sochi’s Winter Olympics on TV this past week, I was reminded of the only Russian Olympic medalist I’ve met — Andrei Kirilenko.

When he lived in Salt Lake City, he was better known as a forward with the Utah Jazz. But he was also a member of the Russian Olympic basketball team, earning a bronze medal in the Summer...