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By Linda Gassenheimer (McClatchy-Tribune News Service)

French Bistro cooking is making a big splash and it’s no wonder. It uses fresh ingredients to make simple, peasant dishes. Several trendy new bistros have opened throughout the United States.

Many bistros in Paris feature dishes from the chef’s home province.

Tonight’s bistro dinner comes from a delightful area of France that...

By Sharon K. Ghag (McClatchy Newspapers)

Bazaars are the best kind of holiday gatherings. These sweet events are a showcase of taste-tempting, time-tested favorites.

As December kicks off, so do holiday bazaars. One of note is United Methodist Women’s annual Christmas Bazaar in Merced, Calif. That this church tradition is in its 81st year is impressive. What’s more remarkable...

By Daniel Neman (Toledo Blade/SHNS)

An egg is only an egg, but an omelet is a meal.

Omelets are eggs that have dressed up for an occasion -- the star, perhaps, of a special breakfast or brunch during the holiday season. They’re classier than scrambled eggs but not as effete as poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce. Fried eggs or sunny-side up are solid, workaday, no-...

By Susan M. Selasky (Detroit Free Press/MCT)

If you’re in a need of a quick side dish or want to try a new vegetable, give Brussels sprouts a try.

Fall is the peak time for these tiny cabbages in the cruciferous family.

Sometimes, Brussels sprouts get no respect. And that’s too bad.

While some people sniff their noses at them — sometimes for good reason (more on that...

By Gretchen McKay (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/SHNS)

They’re one of fall’s most visual offerings, foods so colorful you make them the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.

What you really should be doing is eating them, those brightly striped, sometimes weirdly shaped, more often than not hard-as-a-rock autumn gems known as winter squashes.

I came late to the squash party. For...