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By Susan M. Selasky (Detroit Free Press/MCT)

When struggling for an idea for dinner, I sometimes turn to what I call grocery store helpers. For this recipe, it was seasoned pork tenderloin. Once I spotted the peppercorn-flavored tenderloin, I knew I was on the way to a quick dinner.

These pre-seasoned pork tenderloins sell for about $8 for a 16- to 19-ounce package, which will...

By Linda Gassenheimer (McClatchy Newspapers)

This is a great way to serve leftover turkey. It’s a one-pot meal — a hearty casserole with turkey, mushrooms and pasta with a light touch.

The pasta cooks right in the sauce. Serve it in the casserole dish right from the stove. All you need is a tossed salad to complete the meal. Add any leftover vegetables you have on hand to the salad...

By Katie Byard (Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

AKRON, Ohio — Forget cookies.

Keith Kropp wants you to think of sauerkraut balls this holiday season.

At the small Or Derv Inc. in Akron, Ohio, Kropp’s elves are making 100,000 of the iconic Akron treats a week.

Or Derv makes Bunny B sauerkaut balls — a holiday staple in the area for decades — and the newer Connoisseur...

By Betty Hallock (Los Angeles Times/MCT)

To call a turkey sandwich the stuff of memories sounds far-fetched (few have waxed Proustian about a turkey club), but that’s what it is to Peruvian chef Ricardo Zarate. The chef behind Los Angeles’ Mo-Chica and Picca came to know and love the turkey sandwich not in his native Lima but while working at the Millennium hotel in London early on in...

By Linda Gassenheimer (McClatchy-Tribune News Service)

As a judge at a Chili Cook-Off, I quickly learned that some like it hot, some mild, some with meat others without. One thing was definite, everyone was passionate about chili.

Here is a variation I created using only vegetables, which makes a perfect easy dinner during this busy season.

My chili uses hominy, a grain that native...