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By Mary MacVean (Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Eileen McHale says she likes ice cream enough to eat it for every meal. She’s far from alone, and she’s come up with an appliance that comes close to turning frozen fruit — just fruit — into a pretty good approximation of soft-serve ice cream.

Her appliance, called Yonanas (about $50), works best if at least one of those fruits is banana...

By Susan M. Selasky (Detroit Free Press/MCT)

Once Thanksgiving rolls around something happens to cooks. They gear up to churn out the mandatory players — turkey, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes — for that show-stopping meal of the year.

And then they start to worry about what else to place on the table. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without all those extra side dishes that...

By Judy Hevrdejs (Chicago Tribune/MCT)

We have been giving thanks for several hundred years, gathering with friends and family at autumn tables starring an American classic: a plump turkey, roasted golden brown. Its preparation and consumption has changed little: Stuff it. Roast it. Stuff yourself.

What makes it an American classic? Its individuality. Each cook, each family...

By Joe Bonwich (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)




The versatile sweet potato can show up from soup to nuts — or at least in a nutty dessert — during your Thanksgiving meal.

For the soup, elegant Sweet Potato Chowder is one of ’scape restaurant chef Eric Kelly’s signature dishes. Instead of traditional biscuits, try Sweet Potato Biscuits...

By Lisa Abraham (Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

When Thanksgiving approaches and thoughts turn to pie, many cooks have discovered they can have a crusty situation on their hands.

Rolling out a picture-perfect pie crust can be a challenge for the most seasoned baker, but particularly for home cooks who may only bake pies from scratch a few times each year.

Akron, Ohio, resident...