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By Jamie Lampros

Many people have a body image distortion. We often don’t see ourselves the way others see us.

But for someone suffering from anorexia, that body image distortion is extreme. They see themselves as overweight or obese even when there is compelling evidence otherwise.


By Special to The Washington Post

Running used to be a simple endeavor. All you needed was a shirt, shorts and shoes. Now, it’s far more complicated. We are a nation of accessorizers, even in our exercise. We carry water bottles, music players, phones and activity trackers.

And although we use them to make our runs...

By Christie Aschwanden (Special to the Washington Post)

Knowing whether to have a mammogram — and when — became more confusing than ever last month when one of the largest-ever mammography studies cast doubts on the test’s value.

The study followed 90,000 women over 25 years and found that death rates from breast cancer were the same in women who got mammograms as in those who did not....

By Brady Dennis (The Washington Post)

Could too much protein put you on the path toward an early grave?

For middle-aged people who consume lots of meat, milk and cheese, the answer could be a resounding yes, according to a new study published earlier this month in the journal Cell Metabolism.

U.S. and Italian...

By Jessica Grose (Slate)

NEW YORK — A new study claims the benefits of breast-feeding have been overstated.

The study, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, is unique in the literature about breast-feeding because it looks at siblings who were fed differently during infancy. That means the study controls for a lot of things that have marred...