Topic “Manage Your Life”

By Pamela Payne (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Many of you who read this column know that it is written by faculty in the child and family studies department at Weber State University. It is not uncommon for people we interact with to ask, “What is child and family studies?”

People know what psychologists study and what people in sociology research, but what is child and family...

By Matthew Boyle (Bloomberg News)

LONDON — Nestle’s Lean Cuisine is being hit by concerns that the low-calorie frozen dinners it pioneered are unhealthy and too expensive, a lethal one-two punch for a product targeted at budget-conscious dieters.

Two-fifths of U.S. adults say frozen dinners have little nutritional value, according to researcher Mintel. Lean Cuisine sales...

By Beth Stevenson (Slate)

Two weeks ago, Fitbit abruptly stopped selling its new fitness tracking wristband, the Fitbit Force, due to complaints that the device was causing skin rashes. This was a major setback not just for the company but — call me a narcissist — for me.

I’d been putting the finishing touches on my review of several fitness tracking devices and...

By Neal Nguyen (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Acquiring the ability to read is a key developmental milestone in a literate society.

In the past few decades, numerous scientific studies in early literacy skills acquisition have indicated that young children who learn to read fluently earlier in life have the better chance at succeeding in later reading of other academic subjects....

By The Washington Post (The Washington Post)

More than 40 million Americans report that they are caring for an elderly parent, another relative or a friend. Many of them are “sandwich generation” adults who are simultaneously raising children.

Journalist Virginia Morris’ encyclopedic guide, “How to Care for Aging Parents,” offers information and suggests further resources on a vast...