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By Stuart Pfeifer (Los Angeles Times)

Here is a roundup of alleged cons, frauds and schemes to watch out for.


Summer travel season brings with it a variety of scams to watch out for, the Better Business Bureau said. Travelers should be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. They should also ask detailed questions about travel...

By The Washington Post (The Washington Post)

Following are some tips for dealing with power outages and food spoilage:

• A fully packed, free-standing freezer (that has remained closed) will stay at acceptably cold temperatures for two to four days.

• Place dry ice, a block of ice or several frozen gel packs in a well-insulated cooler for perishables.

• According to...

By Amy Nicholson (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

It was the laughter of children that lured Jennifer Shrodes, of North Ogden, out of the corporate world.

After being at a desk job as an escrow officer for 11 years, Shrodes was on the lookout for a new career when she hired the Tumblebus for her son’s seventh birthday party.

Shrodes loved watching the children enjoy themselves...

By Kasey Trenum (Scripps Howard News Service)

Q: Vacations have gotten so expensive. Do you have any simple money-saving tips?

A: Absolutely! I understand how expensive a vacation can be. At the same time, vacations are meant to be fun and an escape from our normal routines. With that in mind, here are some tips that can help you save a significant...

By Jura Koncius (The Washington Post)

How do your towels stack up?

A towel isn’t just something to dry off with after a shower; it’s a major bathroom accessory. A new set of towels is one way to refresh the look of a bathroom.

Towel wardrobes haven’t changed much over the years, with bath and hand towels and face cloths being the staples in most linen closets. But...