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My recommendation this week falls in Salt Lake City.  I really want to keep things local, but I love So Cupcake so much, it’s tough not to spread the word.  I discovered the delicious bakery years ago while working at KUTV Channel 2.  We had a live shot from the store and interviewed Celina.  This creative, imaginative little girl never let cerebral palsy slow her down; in fact, it inspired her to push the boundaries of what she could do.  Her dream was to make the world a sweeter place.  Why not build a gourmet cupcakery?

So Cupcake owners Kevin and Natalie sent some of their boutique cupcakes back to the newsroom.  One bite, pure bliss.  I snagged a lime green cupcake with matching sprinkles on top, Key Lime flavor.  This treat was the highlight of my day; I so had to stop by after work and buy a dozen more.  Ever since, I make a monthly trek out to Highland Drive to get some of the best cupcakes around.  While pregnant with Scarlett, I would eat a box of their mini-dozen at least twice a month.  That so explains all the weight I gained.  The cute white box would sit behind the driver’s seat so Brian couldn’t see what I was eating.  I so don’t like to share. 

So Cupcake doesn’t only churn out unique flavors, the cupcakes are gorgeous.  It almost makes you not want to eat them … almost.  My favorite part: So Cupcake’s frosting.  It doesn’t taste like the dyed, sugary goop on top of your typical grocery store cupcake.  It’s flavored and sweetened just right.  I sound like Goldilocks, the cupcake taste-tester.  The cream cheese frosting is worth killing for.  It’s always the first part to go.

Each batch is made fresh daily.  Natalie invented these recipes herself, experimenting until she got them just right.  I would so sign up to try each one.  I’m not joking; if you can think of a flavor, they can make it for you.  Recently, they created a malt-ball flavor. Best idea ever.  I immediately jumped in the car with Scarlett because I am controlled by cravings, not a brain.

Speaking of cravings... Just in time for the “Eclipse” opening, So Cupcake has the “Twilight” themes flavors, and I so support Team Edward.  It’s a vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting.  So Cupcake takes into account limitations some people have in their diet, many of the cupcakes are now offered, gluten-free.

I’ve lived in New York, I’ve done its cupcake scene, and So Cupcake is so it.  Magnolia Bakery can so bite me. 

A regular-sized cupcake runs $2.50; the mini is $1.25.  A dozen of those babies are the best, because I can get a variety of flavors and feel less guilty about eating them all.

Check out their website,, and on Facebook “So Cupcake”.

Again, if you have a recommendation, let me know!  I'm always up for someplace new.

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