No car for you, unless you lose 20 pounds

Me, Myself... as Mommy.

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Chubby children learn at a young age to fend off verbal attacks and gawkers … but from their own parents?

Researchers at the University of North Texas, claim mom and dad are less likely to help their kid with major junctures in life if that child is obese.  According to the findings, parents subconsciously equate success with weight; therefore, an overweight child will not succeed in life so why bother helping?

Here's the study:

I don't know how accurate the findings are, but I do know an obesity epidemic is blanketing this nation with a quilt made of bacon and parents are to blame.  The overweight children I've came across during my time working in the public school system are exact replicas of mom and dad.  One can't totally blame genetics either; some parents were raising their adopted children to be fat just like them.  It was all diet and no exercise. 

Most kids want to move; they can't help but wiggle their bottoms back and forth, hovering over their chair until the recess bell rings.    

If the study at University of North Texas is correct: Parents feed their children poorly, don't set a healthy example by being active themselves, and enable their child to sit, eat, drink and be merry in front of the TV; then when the time comes, no car and no college.  Subconscious or not, that's a crap deal for the kid.

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