An ode to Dr. Margit Lister

Me, Myself... as Mommy.
Dr. Margit Lister welcomes Bodie Brian, Meg Sanders’ third child, to the world.
(Photo courtesy Meg Sanders)
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I’m certain the profession of gynecology requires a level of intimacy in and of itself, but I feel there’s a deeper connection between doctor and patient when she is responsible for bringing your child into the world. For me, I can’t think of another relationship, other than with my husband, where I need to feel 100 percent trust.

On March 4, Dr. Margit Lister delivered my third and final child — Bodie Brian.

All three of my children were first touched by her, their little belly buttons tied by her skilled hands. I think that is special.

I think it’s rare to be able to say that all of my children were delivered by the same doc. It’s one thing to keep going back to the same restaurant, but the same OB-GYN is another type of testament.

Consider this my ode to Dr. Margit Lister, a thank-you for keeping my children safe, making each birth an experience I never want to forget:

* * *

First my gynecologist, now my friend.

Doctors thrive on their repu-tations, on their education and experience, and the fact that Margit specializes in high-risk pregnancy, worked as a doctor for nearly 20 years, is the in-house medical expert for KSL Studio 5, and set up an all-women’s practice (Wasatch OB-GYN) speaks highly to her credentials. But having her actually change my life is the biggest reason I would recommend her to my friends.

I have actually recommended her to my family, with my mother, both sisters and grandmother now patients. In large part to her, I lost more than 40 pounds, ran multiple half marathons and am now training for my first full 26-miler.

Dr. Lister is a vital part of Ogden as well. She’s never been recognized for her work with Ogden United, building up Ogden schools, raising money and helping to organize a summer program for students. She also supports the local economy religiously, keeping her money right here with multiple visits to Slackwater Pizza. Lister is an activist for her city, neighborhood and the people who live where we live.

There’s comfort in a doctor who has been exactly where you are in life. Lister has two young sons, so she’s hacked her way through motherhood’s wilderness the same as I’m attempting to do.

Each doctor visit came with a litany of worries over my parenting and health; she’s been there to listen and offer advice that can often swallow up large pockets of time. I never felt rushed to leave her office, which built the trust.

My bills are already paid in full, so there’s no discount for writing this column. I already labored my children, so I don’t expect any special treatment after this is published.

I just wanted to let my readers know that there is a woman out there who will advocate for you, a woman who, more so than most, understands the push and pull of motherhood and womanhood — those complicated decisions we have to make every day.

I’m a long way from my journey’s end; in fact, I’m really at the very start when you look at the distance I have to travel, but it feels good to start it off on the right foot, with the right person. No, not Brian, but my doctor.

Each child was created just so I could go hang out at Wasatch OB-GYN, but don’t get me wrong — I’m officially off the baby train.

So here I say “thank you” to Dr. Margit Lister, for her patience, her time, her skill — and most of all, for my three children whom, despite multiple requests for her to put them back in, I am grateful for every day.

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