Recipe: Beef Brisket in Beer

Beef Brisket

HINT: It leaves leftover beer, which could arguably be used as a reward for the chef. 


New open swim course at Pineview installed Friday

New swim course buoys installed at Pineview Reservoir

Even though the water is still quite cold, six buoys were installed Friday to mark a 750-meter open swim course. Swimming in open water is key for triathletes training for competitive races.


Ditch the rototiller for the easiest way to grow your own garden

FOOD MAG no till 2

Tilling the soil is the most back-aching part of gardening. Thankfully, there’s a way around it.


Facing legal restrictions, LDS Church merges two Russia missions

Mormon Missionaries Russia-2

The LDS Church is merging two of its missions in Russia, sending those members home early or reassigning them to finish their service in the U.S.


You're never too young to get involved in politics

TX. Protests

Voting is extremely important and one of the easiest ways to be politically active, but there are other ways for teens under 18 to get involved in their political party or politics in general.


Why teens are watching '13 Reasons Why'

TX. 13 Reasons Why

“13 Reasons Why” is an original Netflix show that is sweeping not only the United States, but specifically the teenagers of Netflix. The series, released in March and based on a 2007 novel, is known for the extremely raw details of depression, bullying, rape, and a teenager’s...


'Humanz' welcomes back music of Gorillaz

TX. Music

After their last album, “Plastic Beach,” in 2011, the virtual band Gorillaz made a comeback this year with their newest album, “Humanz.” With 25 collaborations, interludes and a variety of experimental sounds, “Humanz” has summed up to be a worthy return. Each...


21 TX-bottomline

TX. Venus flytrap

Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that eat bugs; it takes about 10 days for the plant to digest an insect and reopen its trap.  


The TX. 10: What I'd do if I won the lottery

TX. Blue Mustang Fender

1. Go on a shopping spree at the Newgate Mall and Farmington Station. 2. Save for college. 3. Vacation in Hawaii or Brazil. 4. Save it for a rainy day. 5. Buy a blue Mustang. 6. Spend the money on my mom to get her the dream wardrobe she’s always wanted or take her on a cruise.  7. Buy a...


State-of-the-art LDS cannery dedicated in Harrisville

SW 051817 Harrisville Utah Cannery 05

The newest state-of-the-art cannery of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be able to produce much more with fewer volunteers.

Cross Country

Ogden Marathon 2017: Jensen, Long claim wins in 'beautiful' weather

SW 052017 Ogden Marathon Finish Line 01

Sariah Long narrowly missed setting a course record in the women’s half-marathon leg of the Ogden Marathon last year. In 2017, she stepped up to the full 26.2-mile race in the 17th annual Zions Bank Ogden Marathon and left no doubt about the record pace she set.

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