Meg Sanders

Megan SandersMegan Sanders worked as a news producer in Utah for more than six years, covering some of the biggest stories in the state. Until recently, she lived for breaking news. Now, she spends her days exploring the joys and pains of motherhood while chasing down her small daughter and keeping her husband in line.

Meg grew up on the mean streets of Clinton, Utah. She now lives in North Ogden, with her parents and grandparents less than a mile away. Meg was 16 when she met her husband, Brian, at a high school Halloween dance. They celebrate four years of marital bliss in August.

She fills her time reading, writing and stalking on Facebook. As a general rule, Megan never misses “Survivor” or “Project Runway.”

Meg is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks, so you will often see her walking around with a foot hanging from her mouth.

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