Chaffetz wasn't that good on the football field or in Congress

Congress Chaffetz-2

I’m kind of happy that the placekicker from Brigham Young University is resigning from...


There's nothing funny about President Trump

McKee edit toon 6-22-17

The syndicated cartoonists for the Standard-Examiner opinion page are way out of line. My wife and I have been loyal customers of this newspaper for many years. We find these daily mockeries of President Trump totally disrespectful not only to the person but to the position. Not everyone finds this...

Editorial Cartoon , National Commentary

Fresh ink from Pat Bagley

Bagley edit toon 6-23-17

A Pat Bagley editorial cartoon.

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Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" — a play for our times

Shakespearean Trump

“Overall, this picture of a divided Rome – a mix of power politics, of stoic ideals giving way to ego – should give pause to modern audiences,” writes Jyotsna G. Singh.

Real Estate

Beware the great white sharks in the world of real estate

Great white shark

Predatory practices, in any industry, eventually just create more regulations. We don’t need to close the beach. We just need to beware … because sharks have been sighted.

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Lots of things mattered to Utah lawmakers in 2017. But not special elections

Chaffetz Seat Utah Election

Revising the law about special elections wasn’t a priority last session for the Utah Legislature. Then Jason Chaffetz resigned. 

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Four scenarios that could doom the Senate's health care bill

Congress Health Overhaul Protest

Negotiated in secret, the Republican health care bill could fall apart in at least four ways, writes Amber Phillips.


The Homefront: Sometimes being a great parent means saying no to your kids

D. Louise Brown

In honor of Father’s Day, D. Louise Brown told the story of a time her father told her no — and she learned how fiercely he really loved her.


ATV Adventures: Changes coming to Arctic Cat


Textron, Inc. has bought Arctic Cat. Stay tuned, ATV adventurist Lynn Blamires will be test-driving some of the new products.

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Another hot, dry summer, another fireworks ban in Ogden

ogden parkway fire 07042016

Some years you just shouldn’t shoot fireworks — no matter where you live in Northern Utah.

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Trump's Putin infatuation, and other signs of guilt

United States Russia Trump Ambassador

“In demanding a quick end to it, his defenders don't sound confident the investigation will validate his innocence. They sound terrified it won't,” writes Steve Chapman.

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