WSU's Walker Institute encourages and celebrates civility

Olene Walker 2014

“It doesn't take much to create an atmosphere of civility. It just takes kindness,”...


Horace Mann teacher supports Ogden school bond initiative

BS_140703_Summer School_06-5

This is my second year as a third-grade teacher at Horace Mann Elementary. I am a product of the Ogden School District. I went to Bonneville Elementary, Highland Middle School, and I am a graduate of Ben Lomond High School. I became a teacher because of the teachers I had. I love the...

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Another way to banish the bump stock

Congress Las Vegas Shooting-10

“The bump stock is a dangerous invention, created to evade the law, that the maker should have known would sooner or later be deployed for indiscriminate slaughter,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Sheriff: Weber County Jail offers excellent medical care


In a recent column, I discussed the standards that Utah Jails adhere to (“Remarkably few prisoners die in the Weber County Jail,” Sept. 8). The National Sheriffs’ Association and other states have adopted Utah’s successful jail standards, which are among the best in the...


President Trump is a divider

Trump US Greece-1

President Donald Trump knows how to divide. I thought the First Amendment guaranteed freedom of speech.  Trump forgets what America is about.  Mark Summers Ogden


There are more important things than basketball hoops at weddings

BZ 092214 Temple Weddings 03-2

In response to a letter in the Oct. 11th Standard-Examiner, “Differences between Utah, Canadian weddings are remarkable” — unbelievable! People are facing death and destruction throughout the world and what keeps some people up at night are the existence of basketball hoops in a...

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There are no winners in Dreamers debate

AP Poll Immigration

“The consequence of this high-visibility fight over DACA recipients will be that — whether our youngest, most idealistic and most Americanized immigrants are cast off or allowed to remain in some sort of imperfect status — we'll all lose,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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If lawmakers can reach an agreement on Obamacare, they can renew CHIP

APTOPIX Congress Health Care

Unless Congress does something soon, 9 million of America’s most economically vulnerable children will wake up Jan. 1 without health care.

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Utah's blind allegiance to the Republican Party

Trump Strange Politics

“Seriously, a majority of Utahns will vote for anyone as long as they are a Republican,” writes Don Porter.


What does Mark Saal know about experiencing racism?

Dove Body Wash Ad-2

It is 2017. That is my response to Mark Saal’s Oct. 10 column, "Dove body was ad racist? Only if you don't watch the whole three seconds." It is 2017, and I have to ask why you chose to have a white male author an opinion piece about whether or not minorities had the right to be offended by...

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Davis sheriff's request for $15 million the very definition of chutzpah

Davis Sheriff troubles

After all the recent problems in the Davis County Sheriff’s Office — which the sheriff insists aren’t problems at all — are we sure we want to throw more money at it? 

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