Ogden's resolution in support of immigrants — an S-E reader conversation

BS 021617 Betos 08

The Ogden City Council passed a measure this week affirming Ogden’s commitment to the civil...


Realtor's column about stiletto heels wasn't sexist

Red stiletto heels

I am constantly amazed by the people who go through life desperately searching for something to be offended by. Sidney Adam’s letter to the editor claims that Jen Kirchhoefer’s column on the front page of the Home & Family section on May 12 was sexist because it used the word...

National Commentary

It's time for the Trump administration to stand up to a Turkish thug

Trump US Turkey Erdogan

“The Turkish goons who punched and kicked people should be identified and charged with crimes,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Utah kids shouldn't go hungry just because school's out for the summer

Summer Food 3 sign

If you know a child who needs a place to eat while school’s out, help them find a summer lunch program.

National Commentary

The Seth Rich lie, and how the corrosion of reality should worry every American


“Given tacit or explicit approval by the administration, this anti-truth movement — championed by Alex Jones, a Trump shill — erodes reason and reality. And those are the basis for a functioning democracy,” writes Margaret Sullivan.

Tech Matters

Tech Matters: Why system updates are critical

North Korea WannaCry Cyberattack

We haven’t seen the last of WannaCry, or some version of it. So keep your system updated, and run your antivirus software.


Trump White House generates friction

White House Credibility

Every machine has its friction. In the Trump White House, the friction has a machine. Don Lawson Brigham City


Donald Trump was chosen by God. Democrats need to leave him alone

Trump US Saudi Arabia medal

I would like to know why I don’t hear outrage over the Democratic onslaught of the Republican Party and the appointment of a special prosecutor for everything our president and others in the Republican Party do. I don’t even know what the Senate and the House are supposed to do anymore....

Standard Deviations

Are hotels ignoring their own eco-friendly towel initiatives?

MARK SAAL SIG StandardDeviationsPRINT.jpg

Hotels are either ignoring their own “green” initiatives or doing customers a disservice by mixing up used towels.

Guest Commentary

Net neutrality — what it is, why it works and why you should care

Net Neutrality-Q A FCC

“The American people need to once again remind our government representatives that as long as the free exchange of ideas and commerce utilizes corporate thoroughfares, net neutrality must be protected by law,” writes David Ferro.

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Too many drivers are crashing into gate arms at UTA railroad crossings

FrontRunner Train

Waiting an extra five seconds at a UTA railroad crossing could save $1,000 — and your life.

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