Blush gown popular for this year’s proms

Beige rhinestone knuckle clutch from Windsor, $29.90.
(Courtesy via Los Angeles Times/MCT)
Story by Jenn Harris
(Los Angeles Times/MCT)
Wed, Apr 25, 2012
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Here’s how to put together one of this year’s trendy prom looks, the blush tone ball gown.

Blanca Farber, buyer for Windsor, says, “With this dress, because it’s a light tone, people want to go for gold or bronze so they will go with a gold, glitter shoe for a really nice contrast. I also recommend, depending on what color earrings you choose, to also go with a bangle.”

Betsy long blush prom dress from Windsor, $154.90

Champagne glitter cross-strap shoe from Windsor, $34.90

Gold drop chain earrings from Windsor, $6.90

Beige rhinestone knuckle clutch from Windsor, $29.90

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