Bold, radiant hues the in colors for fall

Story by Rosemary Sadez Friedmann
(Scripps Howard News Service)
Mon, Oct 7, 2013
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This fall, the colors of interest are bold and lively, radiant and lush.

Sapphire blue is definitely in. As far as the green color, peridot is the color to look for. Amethyst purple, ruby red, bright orange and dark espresso brown are in the lead. Bold yellow fits in here, too, and any combination of these colors will have you in style this fall.

Speaking of yellow, it can be a dominant color and is cheerful as well. Patterns with yellow are good. If you like patterns, an elegant look will be achieved if you pair the pattern with a white background. The pattern can be flowers, stripes and vintage anything.

The dark espresso does well with bright orange. A sofa or a chair with the espresso color as the base will have an amazing look if throw pillows in bright orange are mated with it. The espresso does well with the green, also. Why not combine all three — espresso, orange and green?

The blue-and-green combination was quite popular many years ago, but this fall, they are back — only in this season the blues and the greens are bold, not aqua-ish. Decorating a bedroom in these colors makes for a fun-looking yet restful room.

Can you combine red and purple? This fall you certainly can, and the effect can be grand. Dining-room chairs in amethyst-purple upholstery can be combined with red roses on the dining table and the look will be spectacular.

Textures are always welcome in fall decor. This year, soft textures like suede will be more common. Retro is still in, so go for it if you like that sort of thing. And since it is fall and the temperature does go down a bit, a cashmere throw tossed on a chair or a sofa would be a welcome accessory that is not only attractive but quite useful, too.

Meanwhile, the wallpaper

trend has been working its way back for a few years now and currently is gaining momentum.

Metals are in, too, so if you like metals, now’s the time to fill your house with them. Candleholders, metal-based lamps, gold or silver knickknacks, gold or silver picture frames — they’re all in vogue this fall. A very “in” end table would be one that has a metal base and a wood top.

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann is an interior designer in Naples, Fla.

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