Download Gas Buddy, and other ways to save on petro

The cost of gas keeps rising, so make sure you find ways to save at the pump.
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Story by Kasey Trenum
Fri, Sep 13, 2013
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Q: How do I save money on gas?

A: The cost of gas may continue to rise, but, luckily, there are many tips and tricks you can try in order to save a few pennies at the pump. Here are six simple steps to help fuel your car for less.

1. Keep vehicle properly maintained.

You can do this when you follow the guidelines for oil changes and proper maintenance. By maintaining your vehicle, it will run more efficiently and therefore save you gas.

2. Think about weight.

If you use your trunk or the back of your SUV for storage, you will burn more gas. The lighter you keep your car, the better. Try to avoid carrying too much cargo with you, or at least unload large items as soon as you can. Keep your trunk empty except for essentials you need.

3. Buy discounted gas cards at or

When you buy discounted gas cards, you are indeed saving some serious cash. If you can even find a $10 gas card for $8, any amount of savings adds up. Check these sites out and see what sort of gas gift cards you can score.

4. Use apps to find the best price on gas.

There are so many free and inexpensive apps out there designed to save you money on gas. Use them! On a recent family vacation to Disney World, we were able to save on average $0.20 to $0.30 per gallon by downloading Gas Buddy to our smartphone.

5. Consider using a credit card that earns rewards or points just for gas.

There are many of them out there, so be sure you are shopping with a card that rewards you. To avoid racking up interest charges, make sure to pay the card off each month. Otherwise, you’ll be paying more, and really digging yourself into a bigger hole instead of helping yourself out.

6. Check for savings at your grocery store.

Many grocers are trying to help their shoppers save at the pump and, in turn, earn their business. My local grocery store offers a great program. By purchasing participating items (that I would purchase anyway), I earn a certain amount off at the pump. Next time I fill up, I’ll enjoy $1.05 off per gallon.

Don’t forget that you can stack savings! I can redeem “fuelperks” and still pay with a discounted gas card, or use my credit card and earn points.

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