A guide to Rite-Aid’s money-saving promotions

Rite Aid offers great savings and benefits through several programs.
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Story by Kasey Trenum
Fri, Jan 11, 2013
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Q: I’ve been trying to figure out how to take advantage of the special promotions that Rite Aid offers, but it looks like it has made a lot of changes to the program. Can you explain how it works?

A: Rite Aid offers great savings and benefits through several programs. The first to check out is the “+Up Rewards” program. Similar to programs at CVS and Walgreens, +Up Rewards offers you the ability to save money on your next visit by purchasing certain products. A type of in-store coupon, these rewards are added directly to your “wellness+” card through Load2Card right when you earn them. You can also opt out of Load2Card and have +Up Rewards print out at the bottom of your receipt.

Managing your rewards is easy -- simply log in to your wellness+ account on your smartphone or computer. Keep in mind that +Up Rewards expire two weeks after issued. So watch your dates and enjoy your savings!

Rite Aid also offers additional opportunities to save through “Video Values.” Video Values are Rite Aid store coupons that are added to your wellness+ card after you watch a short video. They can be stacked with MFR coupons and can be found on the Rite Aid website. You can rack up significant savings by taking advantage of this additional savings opportunity.

Make sure to check back often, as new offers are added monthly.

This year, Rite Aid is reinventing the way it approached the +Up Rewards program, and I have to say that it is impressive with three member tiers. Not only will customers receive one point for every dollar spent at Rite Aid, but also 25 points for every prescription purchase. As your points accumulate you earn additional rewards that load directly to your wellness+ card.

Reach 500 points and get your choice of one wellness reward such as a gym membership, magazine subscription or health screening. Then, when you hit 1,000 points, you will receive 20 percent off every Rite Aid purchase you make for the next year.

That means if you were to fill four prescriptions a month at Rite Aid, in 10 months you would have earned your family a yearlong 20 percent discount. Those kinds of savings add up quickly.

So the next time you have a prescription to fill, consider giving Rite Aid a try. It’s a great choice and the company offers some great savings.

For more tips on saving money, go to time2saveworkshops.com.

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