Save money with a pedicure party

Do-it-yourself glue-on or press-on nails take about five minutes and will last almost seven days.
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Story by Kasey Trenum
Fri, Aug 31, 2012
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Q: Artificial salon nails, pedicures, new haircuts and such are all the rage this year at my teenage daughter’s school. Any money-saving tips would be greatly appreciated.

A: As our kids get older, their back-to-school wish list changes. I applaud you in listening to your teenager’s heart. As parents, there are many issues with which we have to stand our ground and teach our kids not to give in to peer pressure. Fortunately, this is one area we don’t have to do that.

First, forget the expensive salon. I absolutely hate getting my nails done. Not only is it a challenge for me to sit still, I simply cannot justify the expense. At the same time, I love the look of freshly manicured nails.

I’ve found the perfect solution: Glue-on or press-on nails. For only $5-$8, you’ll have a beautiful set of nails in minutes that last up to a week. You can even reapply the same day. Check out my favorite nails at, where you’ll find different color and pattern options.

Another option is to start a new tradition: Have a pedicure party at home. It’s important to find ways to make memories with kids. A pedicure party is a great opportunity, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s all about creating an experience. Make a big deal about going out and picking out new polish together. Order food, or prepare an easy meal or appetizers. Practice before the big day; make sure your girl has toes she’ll want to show off. You could even preplan a monthly pedicure date, complete with a theme that matches the season or an upcoming holiday.

Finally, remember it doesn’t hurt to ask about salon prices. Even if you think you’ve mastered the home haircut, you never know what a difference a salon haircut could make. Call your favorite salon and ask if they have any specials or coupons available. Think outside the box; beauty schools often offer their services at deeply discounted rates. Ask around: Schools in your area may be selling a local savings card that offers discounts on haircuts. Typically, the cards cost between $5 and $10 but offer a year full of savings. You can also find great deals on daily deal sites such as Groupon or LivingSocial.

With a little creativity, you can save money, create new traditions and connect with your daughter in a way that is important to her.

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