Wedding touches, big and small

When the champagne and cake are gone, you can still display the modern take on a cake topper, like...
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Story by Melissa Magsaysay
(Los Angeles Times/MCT)
Mon, Apr 11, 2011
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If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, you’re in luck: Today’s brides-to-be have a wide range of stylish options.

Let’s start at the top. It might seem like a last-minute detail, but a cake topper can make a wedding cake come to life and, more important, turn a tower of flour and fondant into a personal statement.

Consider the work of paper sculptor Gwen Barba, who creates amazing toppers, made from acid-free paper, containing every last detail of a wedding dress, veil and tuxedo. She’ll even include glasses, dress embellishments and sculptures of your dog(s) if you so desire.

When the champagne and cake are gone, you can still display the modern take on a cake topper. (You can order her toppers at Concarta —

Jennifer Behr makes some of the most beautiful and original hair accessories available, and her bridal collection is no exception. There are dramatic headpieces and veils made of feathers and lace for the bride who likes something just a little over the top and vintage-inspired headbands and clips for the woman who wants a touch of sparkle somewhere in her hair. A whimsical headpiece is also an easy way to add some character to a simple dress and create an unforgettable look. (Her headbands are available at

And finally, when I first heard about the bridal line BHLDN (under the Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie umbrella), all I could picture were short, reworked vintage dresses that would fit only a teenager and maybe some bridesmaid dresses made from cream-colored flannel. But not only is the line well-priced, it’s also modern and romantic. The gowns are vintage-inspired and unexpected, and they come in nontraditional colors, such as light gray and a graphic poppy-and-white floral print, as well as more traditional tones. The accessories look more like heirlooms. There are salmon pink sling-backs with a dainty bow at the toe and a simple netted veil with tiny white bows. Prices range from $80 to $4,000. (You can order at

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