Topic “Brussels sprouts”

By Ileana Morales (Scripps Howard News Service)

By now, the campaign for Brussels sprouts hardly needs any help from me.

They’re seen proudly offered on menus, often served in a mini cast-iron skillet with bacon or pancetta. I’ve seen a slideshow featuring a dozen favorite Brussels-sprouts dishes from restaurants in New York City.

Brussels sprouts have been the “it” girl for a...

By Noelle Carter (Los Angeles Times (MCT))

Q: Please, please, please get me the recipe for the Brussels sprouts at Cleo in Hollywood, Calif. My husband and I ordered a variety of food at our dinner there, and the Brussels sprouts stole the show. I would love to get the recipe. It’s the first time that my husband was actually excited to eat vegetables!


By Susan M. Selasky (Detroit Free Press/MCT)

If you’re in a need of a quick side dish or want to try a new vegetable, give Brussels sprouts a try.

Fall is the peak time for these tiny cabbages in the cruciferous family.

Sometimes, Brussels sprouts get no respect. And that’s too bad.

While some people sniff their noses at them — sometimes for good reason (more on that...

By Anne Brockhoff (McClatchy Newspapers)

Young children are notoriously finicky. Broccoli, salmon, beets — name a healthy food, and there’s a preschooler who won’t eat it. But many just as quickly rule out carrots, pot roast or scrambled eggs, or anything that’s not white or smothered in ketchup.

“Picky, picky, picky,” many a parent, myself included, has muttered over the...