Topic “children”

By Neal Nguyen (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Acquiring the ability to read is a key developmental milestone in a literate society.

In the past few decades, numerous scientific studies in early literacy skills acquisition have indicated that young children who learn to read fluently earlier in life have the better chance at succeeding in later reading of other academic subjects....

By Marissa Evans (Kaiser Health News)

One part of the Affordable Care Act is intended to improve dental coverage for children, prompted by the 2007 death of an uninsured Maryland boy named Deamonte Driver, who was killed by a bacterial infection that spread from an abscessed tooth to his brain.

Supporters of better dental care for children successfully pushed to have dental...

By Mari-Jane Williams (The Washington Post)

Many parents use timeouts to deal with undesirable behavior in children younger than 5. It goes like this: Child breaks rule. Parent puts child in an isolated location (the naughty chair) and ignores him for one minute per year of age, while the child considers his behavior.

When time’s up on the timeout, parent and child discuss the...

By Mari-Jane Williams (The Washington Post)

It’s hard to discipline children. You can’t hit them. Timeouts are not effective. Now, a study out of the University of Pittsburgh says yelling at teens and tweens — particularly when it involves cursing or insults — can be just as harmful as hitting. So what can you do?

Remember that the word “discipline” originally meant to teach, so...

By Amanda Marcotte (Slate)

Being part of the 1 in 5 American women who are opting out of having children, I’m always happy to see sympathetic coverage of the child-free lifestyle, such as that offered by Lauren Sandler of Time last week.

Sandler interviews a variety of women who have elected to have a home without toys, busting stereotypes that hold that childless...