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By Valerie Strauss (The Washington Post)

A major annual poll on how Americans view public education shows divisions on vouchers, charter schools, evaluating teachers by students’ standardized test scores and whether President Obama or Republican Mitt Romney would be better for public education.

Yet Americans largely agree that they trust public school teachers, although they...

By Amy Nicholson (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

The magic and adrenaline of watching rockets launch into outer space while growing up in Florida inspired Lisa Bergantz, now a resident of Stansbury Park, to pursue a career as a scientist.

The launches left a lasting impression on her, as did simple projects like diagraming the human eyeball in the third grade. She remembers a seventh-...

By Standard-Examiner staff

Ideas from by Lisa Bergantz:

Cranberry Shooters

Teaches reading and math

To make the shooter, roll half a piece of construction paper into a tube. Make sure the diameter is just large enough to fit a cranberry. Fasten one end closed with a paper clip.

Make a list of holiday...

By Laura Vozzella (The Baltimore Sun/MCT)

BALTIMORE — Ann De Lacy took voice lessons in college, sang in her church choir and could easily, unlike most Americans, belt out the national anthem. But these days you won't find her singing so much as "Jingle Bells" to her grandkids.

The problem isn't her hobby but her former job: De Lacy was a classroom teacher for 33 years, and the...

By Jamie Lampros (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

OGDEN — Stacie Harris was a single mother with three small children when she enrolled at Weber State University.

Having a full-time schedule and a 2-, 3- and 4-year-old at home didn't give her much time to hold down a job. Money was tight, but she was determined to find a way to get her degree. That's when she discovered the Women's...