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By Bonnie S. Benwick (The Washington Post)

A breakfast-for-dinner recipe that is more assembly than cooking: perfect for a busy night.

Coppa, the spicy Italian salami, is available at Whole Foods Markets and Italian markets. In a pinch, sopressata or Genoa salami may be substituted.

Serve with slices of herbed focaccia or toasted country bread and a glass of pinot blanco,...

By Jamie Lampros (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

Over the years, we’ve been told eggs are bad for us, eggs are good for us, eggs have too much cholesterol, eggs are a great source of protein. With all of those conflicting messages, we asked the experts to set the record straight.

According to Consumer Reports on Health, one large egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol in the yolk....

By Special to The Washington Post (Special to The Washington Post)

Simply using lime juice instead of lemon juice in the hollandaise sauce brings together the flavors of this Mexican-inspired dish, Chorizo Benedict.

You’ll need four 6- or 8-ounce custard cups or ramekins for baking the muffins, and a small cup for transferring the eggs to the poaching water. The diced chorizo can be warmed in a skillet...

By Sharon K. Ghag (The Modesto Bee (MCT))

One look at the mess in the kitchen and that special-day meal the children made for you can lose its appeal.

We all remember the wonder of being old enough to cook for Mom and Dad.

As parents, we want to encourage the same excitement in our little darlings — only without the mess.

A make-ahead breakfast lets you manage the...

By Kathy Van Mullekom (Daily Press (Newport News, Va.) (MCT))

With Easter days away, it’s time to start dying those eggs!

Krups is there to help you with its special egg cooker. Priced at $29.99, the cooker can boil up to seven eggs and keep them warm with a special setting, if desired. The lid and egg holder are dishwasher safe, and the cooker comes with two poaching trays to fix poached eggs or...