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By Special to The Washington Post

Running used to be a simple endeavor. All you needed was a shirt, shorts and shoes. Now, it’s far more complicated. We are a nation of accessorizers, even in our exercise. We carry water bottles, music players, phones and activity trackers.

And although we use them to make our runs...

By Nancy Szokan (The Washington Post)

Canadian track star Olga Kotelko started late. At age 77, a dozen years after retiring as an elementary schoolteacher, she began running, jumping and throwing competitively.

Now 94, she holds 26 track and field records.

As Bruce Grierson points out in “What Makes Olga Run?” (Henry Holt and Co., 2014), she has won some of these...

By Vicky Hallett (The Washington Post)

With her debut DVD, “Power Boxing Workout,” 24-year-old flyweight Marlen Esparza, who brought home a bronze medal from the 2012 Olympics, introduces viewers to the technique and lingo of boxing and her training philosophy.

“It’s how I throw punches. It’s how I learned,” says Esparza, who was drawn to her dad’s favorite sport at the age...

By Christie Aschwanden (New Scientist)

It has long been accepted that exercise cuts the risk of heart disease, and recent studies suggest a raft of more general benefits, such as reducing the risk of certain types of cancer and even preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Now it seems that gym junkies can also expect a boost in...

By Lenny Bernstein (The Washington Post)

Marian Goldberg grasps my head gently but firmly, her hands along my jawbones. Ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly, she helps me rise from a chair in her home office until I’m standing.

That one simple movement, which I probably do a dozen times or more every day, feels slightly different this time. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly...