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By Maggie Fazeli Fard (The Washington Post)

There’s no doubt that exercise does a body good. But a new batch of smartphone apps allows you to do good simply by moving your body.

• Charity Miles (free, iPhone and Android) awards 25 cents per mile to walkers and runners and 10 cents per mile to cyclists, which can be donated to a choice of nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity and...

By The Washington Post (The Washington Post)

It’s the new year, with its countless resolutions to lose weight and get fit. To help those eager to embark on a new exercise plan -- or shake up an old one -- Acacia has released a slew of workout DVDs and box sets.

“Dr. Lisa: Yoga Blast” is a compilation of three 20-minute workouts featuring Lisa Masterson of the TV...

By Lenny Bernstein (The Washington Post)

Here are two interesting fitness accessories that you can’t buy yet, but probably will covet someday soon.

Full-service disclaimer: I haven’t tried these and don’t know whether they work. Like I said, they’re not even available yet. One was brought to my attention by its creator; the other I stumbled upon. There might be competitors...

By Richard Seven (The Seattle Times)

The holiday shopping sprint is on and fitness gadgets are everywhere, but don’t forget about the basic -- and reasonably priced -- options.

Here are 10 ideas for stuff that often can be purchased for $25 or less:

1. Yoga mat on which to stretch, strengthen and chill.

2. Stretch bands to...

By Maggie Fazeli Fard (The Washington Post)

“For a hot body, push play,” advises Shape magazine. While getting fit isn’t quite that easy, the magazine test-drove popular exercise DVDs to help readers make the most of at-home sweat sessions.

“With the right DVD, you can duplicate the effectiveness of a club sesh right in your living room,” it reports. Editorial staffers reviewed...