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By Roshan Nebhrajani (McClatchy Newspapers)

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — He’s as fast as a lightning bolt and strong as an ox. He can see in the dark and can hear a whisper across the room. He’s just your average, everyday, well-fed kid!

Super-healthy superhero Mitch Spinach is the creation of two Florida parents on a mission to encourage children to eat healthier.

After taking...

By Sharon Thompson (McClatchy Newspapers)

Ask any farmer or back-yard gardener about fresh corn and they’ll tell you the best way to cook it. Put a pot of water on to boil before you run out to the garden, pick the corn, shuck it on the way back to the house, and plunge it into the boiling water.

Since most of us don’t have back-yard crops, we must buy corn at the farmers market...

By Jennifer DeCamp (St. Petersburg Times/SHNS)

I’m always looking for new ways to showcase my favorite fruit, especially when the grocery stores have it on sale.

So when my sister tweeted about the fantastic Strawberry-Lemonade Icebox Pie she made, she reeled me in hook, line and sinker. Strawberries, lemonade and pie -- three words that signify summer to me.

But like any...

By Lauren Viera (Chicago Tribune/MCT)

To those pining for the summertime lemonade of your youth: cheers.

Resurrect the pitch-perfect pitcher of refreshing lemonade, upgraded for adults with citrus-friendly spirits like bourbon and rye.

Concocted by Chicago mixologist Todd Appel, both of these spirited lemonades capitalize on whiskey’s surprisingly delicious dynamic...

By Joe Bonwich (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)

Picking a perfect watermelon is an inexact science.

“You don’t really know until you bring it home and cut it open,” says Eric DeMange, who has about 25 acres of watermelon growing on his family’s farms in Southern Illinois. He expected to start harvesting melons last week.

How does he decide when the time is ripe to pick them?...