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By Andrea K. Walker (The Baltimore Sun/MCT)

BALTIMORE — Sabrina Oliver looked forward to good schools and safer streets when she moved her family from her crime-ridden and trash-strewn West Baltimore neighborhood to the suburbs, but was surprised to discover another benefit as well — a dramatic improvement in their health.

The asthma that afflicted daughter Nyla, 9, and frequently...

By Meredith Cohn (The Baltimore Sun/MCT)

Johns Hopkins researchers say they have uncovered the path that breast cancer takes to the lungs, information that could lead to therapies to block metastases responsible for 90 percent of breast cancer deaths.

“Metastasis transforms breast cancer from a local, curable disease, to one that is systemic and lethal,” said Dr. Gregg L....

By Cheryl Powell (Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

AKRON, Ohio — An Ohio doctor is warning that a popular over-the-counter painkiller and fever reducer could cause more harm than good for kids with asthma and those at risk for developing the disease.

Dr. John T. McBride is getting national attention for his online article from the December edition of the journal Pediatrics advising...

By Julie Deardorff (Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Pregnant women sacrifice many of life’s simple pleasures — caffeine, sushi, a glass of wine — in the hope that their baby will be born healthy.

But according to a provocative new field of research, what happens during pregnancy can have lasting consequences that emerge decades after the child leaves the hospital. Studies are finding that...

By Lauran Neergaard (The Associated Press)

WASHINGTON — No need for a salt shaker on the Thanksgiving table: Unless you really cooked from scratch, there’s lots of sodium already hidden in the menu.

Stealth sodium can do a number on your blood pressure. Americans eat way too much salt, and most of it comes inside common processed foods and restaurant meals.

The traditional...