Topic “leftovers”

By Jim Shahin (Special to The Washington Post)

On a recent morning, I woke up in the worst way, and by that I mean hungry as a bear yet indecisive about what to eat.

I opened the refrigerator to look for inspiration. Eggs. Milk. Plastic tubs filled with “what was that?” Then I came across a couple of smoked jalapenos from the fajitas I’d made a few days earlier. There was a charred...

(Special to The Washington Post)

This hearty bread pudding repurposes Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. It’s pretty (and tasty) enough to serve for brunch if you have guests staying past Thanksgiving Day.

The bread pudding can be assembled several hours in advance and refrigerated. Let it sit at room temperature for about a half-hour, then bake according to the...

By Lee Svitak Dean (Star Tribune (Minneapolis))

I call it free food. My children used to laugh at me as I would dish it up with glee and remind them that the evening’s meal was free. Now they are young adults who know how to pinch a penny. When they make it for themselves, they remember: This almost-no-cost meal is a winner.

That’s what I call the process of making soup from scraps....

By Linda Gassenheimer (McClatchy Newspapers)

This is a great way to serve leftover turkey. It’s a one-pot meal — a hearty casserole with turkey, mushrooms and pasta with a light touch.

The pasta cooks right in the sauce. Serve it in the casserole dish right from the stove. All you need is a tossed salad to complete the meal. Add any leftover vegetables you have on hand to the salad...

By Bill Daley (Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Yes, there’s always the classic turkey sandwich on white bread, with or without some crispy bacon and tomato, to help solve the bird problem after Thanksgiving. Why not, though, get a little creative and transfer that sandwich into a soft taco?

You can still use that bacon and tomato (as in salsa) but you also get to play with more...