Topic “orange”

By Mary Carol Garrity (Scripps Howard News Service)

Orange you glad orange is back in style?

Some of you are nodding your heads vigorously because this friendly, high-octane color gives you the energy kick you’re longing for in home decor. Others of you are shaking your heads just as vigorously, possibly having a flashback to your ’70s kitchen plastered in sunset, harvest gold and avocado...

By Ellen Warren (Chicago Tribune)

Maybe it's the miles of aisles of Halloween decorations in stores everywhere. Or those bountiful bins of pumpkins at grocery stores, farm stands and green markets.

Whatever the reason, around this time of year, a lot of us are seized with a powerful urge to wear something orange...

By Melissa Magsaysay (Los Angeles Times)

The idea of orange makeup may conjure up images of circus clowns or overly tanned women sporting neon coral lipstick on a sweltering day.

But this spring, orange and coral hues are looking fresh, modern and totally wearable.

From highly pigmented poppy lip lacquer to sheer and lightly sparkled coral blush, orange and coral beauty...