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By Special to The Washington Post

Running used to be a simple endeavor. All you needed was a shirt, shorts and shoes. Now, it’s far more complicated. We are a nation of accessorizers, even in our exercise. We carry water bottles, music players, phones and activity trackers.

And although we use them to make our runs...

By Kristen Hebestreet (Standard-Examiner correspondent)

LAYTON — Before she became a triathlete, Mette Ivie Harrison was a self-described couch potato and computer geek who did not feel at home in her own skin.

Harrison, 42, now exercises for at least two hours a day and competes in 12 to 15 triathlons every year. She began this journey...

By Gabriella Boston (Special to the Washington Post)

WASHINGTON — In three months, you could run a 5K even if you have never run in your life.

If you are otherwise healthy, 12 weeks of training is all you need in order to make that 5K not just doable but enjoyable, says Bill Pierce, co-author of “Run Less Run Faster” (Rodale, 2007)...

By Daniel Engber (Slate)

By Daniel Engber


NEW YORK — If you’re a runner, you might have noticed this surprising headline from the April 5 edition of the Guardian: “Brisk walk healthier than running — scientists.” Or maybe you saw this one, which ran in Health magazine the very same day: “Want to lose weight? Then run, don’t walk: Study.”


By The Washington Post (The Washington Post)

Faster. Stronger. Longer. This triumverate of adjectives is the holy grail of running, and training plans abound to help runners seeking to improve their mile splits, power up a hill and go farther than before.

But might the solution lie in something as simple as a hashtag?

In the December issue of Runner’s World, writer and avid...